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Mental Health Skills

Building skills for healthy physical, mental, and intellectual success

Learner Foundation skills

Attention to this area of a child includes the skills needed to be able to benefit from learning.  They may include developing resiliency, attending, or being able to wait.  

Interaction and social skills

Being able to share connection with family and friends is completely possible for children with autism or other mental health conditions.  Building these skills with teaching the steps for that success is a part of each child's treatment.  

Planning and organization skills

All children can benefit from learning  how to problem solve, plan, attend to relevant things, and learn.

Physical health skills

The development of physical health skills includes developing healthy living routines and  fluency building of motor movements if needed.

Behavior Skills

Focus is often on the reduction of "problem behaviors."  It is essential to teach the skills of how to respond and "behave" in a way which nurtures each child's mental health.

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate involves not only speaking, but how to navigate conversations, understand the meaning of words and how to help others understand what they mean.

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