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  • Do you take data?
    ABSOLUTELY!! We currently take date with the support of Total Therapy which helps track and graph data daily. However, data is meant to be useful and while many things are tracked for progress, data is taken on those behaviors and skills where analysis matters for the treatment. Families will never be burdened with needing to take intensive data.
  • How is your program paid for?
    Compassionate ABA has individual, ptrivate pay contracts as well as contracts with agencies who are trying to extend mental health treatment to their community. Compassionate ABA is credentialed with many health insurance companies. If Compassionate ABA is not credentialed, a single case agreement is possible. Compassionate ABA is not an IBHS provider and does not receive Medicaid funding. Some families may have community resources who are willing to provide payment as this service is more cost effective than most traditional treatments.
  • What do you use to inform treatment?
    A combination of tools is used to individualize a child's treatment program. Each child is provided a series of standardized and criterion based assessments. From there, a treatment plan is developed. Components of Acceptance and Committment training are used as well as curriculums and resources available in the field of behavior analysis. For individuals with autism a variety of assessment tools and published cuririculums are used to create an individual treatment program.
  • Do you provide 25-40 hours of intensive treatment?
    The number of hours of treatment depends on many factors. Intensive ABA is necessary in many situations and at other times a few hours of consultation is sufficient. Compassionate ABA aims to prepare children to function and succeed within their family and within their home environment and provide the hours needed to make that happen.
  • How can applied behavior analysis help my child?
    Behavior analysis examines everything that surrounds behavior change. It helps people recognize what will motivate them to do something different, it helps people recognize the parts of the environment that will help them develop, and it will allow people to contact the things that make them who they want to be and engage in behaviors they value.
  • I really do not know what I need. I just know that I need help. What do I do? breathe. I do not know if I can help - I do not know what you are seeking.. But I do know that if you email, call or send a message - I will listen. What you are feeling - is real. Just reach out - You just don't know - it might help.
  • What does your service "look" like. What do I have to do?"
    Great ?! It is individualized. Compassionate ABA is NOT a one size fits all program. However, all clients will have standardized assessment (tests which compare to "normal" [whatever that means] and "criteria based assessment" (how much change occurs from beginning till now). Each child/family will have a treatment plan which identifies what they want to see happen within 3 months. And, data will be collected to help clinician and family "see" if change is occuring at the rate desired. In home service, telehealth, and office/home practice is offered and collaboratively reviewed with each family to determine where/how/when their child/family needs. Call, email or text 412-956-7794
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