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Effective and Efficient Learning

Learning where it matters!


Your Home

Consultation is available in your home.  Every child and family has their own traditions and , expectations. It is wonderful when a  child learns in a learning center or a school.  But can they thrive in the home too?  It requires a different set of interventions. Compassionate ABA guides families to discover their child's joy with positive applied behavior analysis which recognizes the importance of having your child's consent for treatment and  their right to dignity in all situations.


Telehealth services are proving to be very effective in empowering families, caregivers, and individuals develop and learn.  It allows for significant flexibility. Appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Telehealth is extended  by Compassionate ABA to parents, and caregivers.  Some parents have family or outside support help with their child who they would like to include in the consult.  Goals and behavior change is a process that will only work when there is commitment.  However, going to different appointments can be very burdensome.  Telehealth makes treatment more convenient and can have clinical value within its own structure.   


Community and other homes

Compassionate ABA recognizes that there are skills and situations where a child can benefit from treatment outside of the home.  With locations in Weirton W. VA, Sharon PA, and Pittsburgh, PA children and families can learn in the community or a home as opposed to a center. 

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